Lisa Kudrow Graces Webby’s Annual Ceremony!

>> Sunday, July 3, 2011

The fans of Lisa Kudrow will swell up with pride, when they come to know that the diva has been selected as a host for the annual ceremony of Webby Awards.
Every year, the award ceremony for the Webby Awards takes place to motivate those, who have been doing great online business.

The fields, which have been included for the awards this year, are Interactive Advertising, Websites, Online Film & Video and Mobile.

I think you guys are desperate to know the role of the diva in this award ceremony, so stay tuned and read on!

Her job in the ceremony is to ensure that the winner shouldn’t exceed his acceptance speech more than five words.

I know friends, this does sound strange, but by doing this they want to avoid all those issues, which occur while giving long speeches.

Don’t you remember Melissa Leo’s acceptance speech at the Oscars?
Well, I don’t mean to offend anyone, but yes, it was for the first time when someone used the ‘F’ word on the Oscar stage.

Lisa has also been selected as a winner for the web series, ‘Web Therapy’.
I’m sure Lisa knows how to express more in fewer words.

She is a true perfectionist, be it a web series or a regular series like Friends.

In the role of a self-taught musician, she stole million hearts, including mine.

Presently, the show is off-air, but you can watch Friends episodes online to catch her in the role of Phoebe Buffay.

In the series, she may have presented as a comedically flawed character, but her humor gave us a chance to live every moment of the show.

Didn’t it?


Jennifer Aniston Goes Full Monty With Horrible Bosses!

>> Sunday, June 19, 2011

Well, not literally! But, yeah the sizzling siren and hot actor of Friends series, Jennifer Aniston, has shed her pants for the cover shoot of the famous magazine, Marie Claire!

In the very hot looking, steamy pose, she is standing next to the co-star of her upcoming movie called Horrible Bosses.

In Hollywood, it seems that everyone is growing old except, you guessed it, Friends episodes diva, Jennifer Aniston!

For the cover page, the actor hasn’t shed all her clothes, or over-exposed to grab people’s attention. But she is looking sensuous like never before!

Don’t you think that the girl has shed some of her sweet-girl-next-door kind of image with this upcoming movie? I think that she has been giving us many surprises through her different ravishing avatars!

Coming back to the steamy cover page of the magazine, while giving the different poses, the goddess of beauty has taken due care of elegance and style.

There is that thin line between elegance and vulgarity, and Jennifer sure knows how to maintain it! Not for nothing is she known as a style diva!

Apart from giving sensuous poses, the actor has also talked about her reel and real life. She also shared that she wasn’t earning a handsome amount before becoming America’s sweetheart, Rachel, of the Friend series.

Well, I would say the creator of the series is no less than a godfather for her. Through this platform, she got a chance to show her talent to one and all. The show is off air, but people still get Friends download to treasure her and the rest of the gang’s remarkable performances.


Courteney Cox’s Daughter Chides Her on a Luxury Trip!

>> Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recently, Friends series actor Courteney Cox faced some harsh familial criticism. Yeah that’s right, but can you make any guesses, as to who could have done this to her!

Well, this someone is none other than her own six-year-old daughter Coco. I know it is hard to believe, but I guess, this is Coco’s annoyance speaking!

I know you are tempted to know about entire episode then read on!

The relationship of Coco with her mother became a bit strained after the divorce of her parents. Recently, Coco became furious when she came to know that her mother had gone for a luxury trip, instead of contributing to a great cause.

I guess she wanted her mother to be a part of Haiti mission, in which her father has been contributing with great devotion.

Perhaps, this is her own idea to bring her parents together once again, but I guess Courteney missed this chance! I think her daughter is more annoyed, because she wanted to accompany her father for a great cause, while her mother compelled her to accompany her on a luxury trip.

This incident shows that sometimes, we give priority to those things, which may not even deserve our attention. Courteney is a dependable actor and you will observe the same, when you watch Friends episodes online.

The actor has played this character with great perfection, which is evident in all her ventures. I guess she went for this holiday with perfectly good intentions. But, while doing this, she forgot to pamper her child.

Well, I just pray that from now onwards, Courteney takes her precocious kid into confidence before making any plans!


Courteney Cox Feels Disheartened Due to Friends Emmy Snub

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Although it’s been years, when Friends episodes bid goodbye to small screen, with its phenomenal finale, yet viewers feel it’s as fresh & original as it was years ago, whey they watch it today. This is just because of the fact that this side-splitting show had a riveting story.

Further, performances of its stars served like icing on cake, enhancing its charm with well-timed hilarious punches and gags that made us laugh like anything. Indeed, this uproarious show provided us some lovely ever-lasting memories but one of its stars still has something to mourn about the show.

Well, here I’m talking about the hot and sizzling Courteney Cox, who helped making Friends TV show, a success. Every scene, performed by this talented persona, entertained us, and thus, imparted a boost in popularity of our well-liked show. But this outrageous-yet-loving star of Friends still feels down-in-dumps, because during her tenure with the show, she has never been awarded with Emmy award.

She recently stated that she’s feeling disheartened that even after performing to the best of her abilities, she hasn’t gained due recognition and well-deserved success.

Well, as I’ve always been a die-hard admirer of Cox and use to watch Friends online to be enthralled with her auspicious performances, I do agree with her.

But there is one thing, which I would definitely like to bring in limelight. Even though she hasn’t been applauded with Emmy, she received appreciation and love from her fans, which is no less than winning an Emmy.

There is no denying to the fact that awards motivate a person to raise his/her performance level, but nothing on this planet can speak more about the popularity of a star than viewers’ response. Considering the count of people, who admired her for her tireless work and still watch Friends episodes online to acknowledge her undying efforts, she has actually won many accolades.

So Cox, in spite of feeling, you should feel glad that you carved a special niche in the hearts of viewers, which will always remain like this, for foreseeable times.

Anyway pals, to adore the killing appearances of Cox in safe & speedy way, subscribe this space, rather than opting to watch Friends episodes online free, as it may prove devastating at your end when it comes to the security of your PC.


Jennifer Aniston And the Biggest Shock of the year 2010 so far!

>> Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recently something so intense has happened that it left everyone stunned. I was like ‘what’, when I saw it.

Yes! You all got me. I’m talking about the recent picture, which is being said to be of Jennifer Aniston (mostly known for her appearance in FRIENDS episodes ) and her co-star of ‘The Bounty Hunter’, Gerard Butler.

There’ve been lots of questions regarding Butler’s hand on Jennifer’s butt. It won’t be wrong to say that this photograph has created a sort of controversy.

Seems as if this blonde beauty can’t keep herself away from controversies for a long time! As you can see, the faces aren’t visible. But as the lady is blonde and looks like Jen from the back, she is being taken as Jennifer.

When Butler, who calls himself ‘a bit of a bad-boy’, was asked this, he said, “I’m still not sure my hand is really on her butt. I think that’s just the way the camera angled. I haven’t actually seen it.”

Well, I don’t believe Butler’s words. How can this be possible that he hasn’t seen this picture? Its everywhere on the internet!

Whatever the fact is, one thing is there for sure- there’s something between Jennifer and Butler and now they cant deny this connection anymore.

If sources are to be believed, it was also being said that they were seen kissing at recently held ‘Golden globe Awards’.

I am a fan of her since the times she appeared in FRIENDS. In those times all I used to do all day was to watch FRIENDS online. This is the reason why I think Jennifer and Butler should acknowledge their relationship publicly, as they look perfect together. But who knows what they’ve in their minds.

Now its time to say bye-bye! I’ll soon be back with some more crispy-crunchy tittle-tattle. Till then you can click here to watch FRIENDS online free.


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