Courteney Cox’s Daughter Chides Her on a Luxury Trip!

>> Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recently, Friends series actor Courteney Cox faced some harsh familial criticism. Yeah that’s right, but can you make any guesses, as to who could have done this to her!

Well, this someone is none other than her own six-year-old daughter Coco. I know it is hard to believe, but I guess, this is Coco’s annoyance speaking!

I know you are tempted to know about entire episode then read on!

The relationship of Coco with her mother became a bit strained after the divorce of her parents. Recently, Coco became furious when she came to know that her mother had gone for a luxury trip, instead of contributing to a great cause.

I guess she wanted her mother to be a part of Haiti mission, in which her father has been contributing with great devotion.

Perhaps, this is her own idea to bring her parents together once again, but I guess Courteney missed this chance! I think her daughter is more annoyed, because she wanted to accompany her father for a great cause, while her mother compelled her to accompany her on a luxury trip.

This incident shows that sometimes, we give priority to those things, which may not even deserve our attention. Courteney is a dependable actor and you will observe the same, when you watch Friends episodes online.

The actor has played this character with great perfection, which is evident in all her ventures. I guess she went for this holiday with perfectly good intentions. But, while doing this, she forgot to pamper her child.

Well, I just pray that from now onwards, Courteney takes her precocious kid into confidence before making any plans!


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