Courteney Cox Feels Disheartened Due to Friends Emmy Snub

>> Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Although it’s been years, when Friends episodes bid goodbye to small screen, with its phenomenal finale, yet viewers feel it’s as fresh & original as it was years ago, whey they watch it today. This is just because of the fact that this side-splitting show had a riveting story.

Further, performances of its stars served like icing on cake, enhancing its charm with well-timed hilarious punches and gags that made us laugh like anything. Indeed, this uproarious show provided us some lovely ever-lasting memories but one of its stars still has something to mourn about the show.

Well, here I’m talking about the hot and sizzling Courteney Cox, who helped making Friends TV show, a success. Every scene, performed by this talented persona, entertained us, and thus, imparted a boost in popularity of our well-liked show. But this outrageous-yet-loving star of Friends still feels down-in-dumps, because during her tenure with the show, she has never been awarded with Emmy award.

She recently stated that she’s feeling disheartened that even after performing to the best of her abilities, she hasn’t gained due recognition and well-deserved success.

Well, as I’ve always been a die-hard admirer of Cox and use to watch Friends online to be enthralled with her auspicious performances, I do agree with her.

But there is one thing, which I would definitely like to bring in limelight. Even though she hasn’t been applauded with Emmy, she received appreciation and love from her fans, which is no less than winning an Emmy.

There is no denying to the fact that awards motivate a person to raise his/her performance level, but nothing on this planet can speak more about the popularity of a star than viewers’ response. Considering the count of people, who admired her for her tireless work and still watch Friends episodes online to acknowledge her undying efforts, she has actually won many accolades.

So Cox, in spite of feeling, you should feel glad that you carved a special niche in the hearts of viewers, which will always remain like this, for foreseeable times.

Anyway pals, to adore the killing appearances of Cox in safe & speedy way, subscribe this space, rather than opting to watch Friends episodes online free, as it may prove devastating at your end when it comes to the security of your PC.


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